The Revolutionary SPF tube manipulation technique leaves all other tubing technology biting the dust. Find out why it's better and even rivals carbon fiber!

Tube hydroforming is an industrial technique wherein special liquids are injected into the frame tubes using tremendous pressure. Lines and curves are formed on the tubes following the pattern on the mold. Hydroforming offers several advantages: complex shapes are possible for improved bicycle frame aesthetics. No need for gussets with extra cool looks without adding weight. We’re one of the first in the world to implement hydroforming technology into mass bicycle frame production.

A bicycle frame’s rear drop-out carries a big amount of stress. Constant bumps and vibrations will eventually cause a bicycle frame’s drop-out to break, in which case you will have to trash your ultra-expensive frame. With a Replaceable Drop-Out, simply unscrew the broken drop-out and slap-in a new one, and you’re ready to ride in minutes.
Ulike other frame manufacturers, we do not simply use a shrunken standard "men's" frame and call it a "ladies" frame. In fact our ladies frame are designed to sepcifically meet the physical requirements of the female rider. Shorter reach, a calculated seating position, re-designed geometry all add up to better comfort and control without sacrificing the bicycle frame's performance or strength.
FLT (Flat welding)
Flat welding can make the frame's appearance smooth and clean, and lets the stress be scattered.
SMT (Smooth welding)
Smooth welding manufactures softly scaled weld seams for smoothened. It can make the frame's appearance more smooth and cleaner than FLT, but same intensity as FLT performances.

At kinesis, we do not simply slap several tubes together and call it a bicycle frame. In fact, each angle and length are carefully engineered to work (or play) perfectly with the dimensions of the human body. For you this means outstanding comfort even in long rides, excellent control even in the most technical terrain, and extra confidence to handle your bicycle. Fitright uses a t-shirt style sizing system. People in a certain height range will always fit in their designated category whether it is a comfort, road or mountain bike. Look for these labels on kinesis bicycles:


Gusset free deaign
Instead of utilizing out-of-date gussets which are welded to the outside of tube junctions to provide additional support, Kinesis's SPF gusset free design improves stiffness and minimize any extra weight without adding welds.


KBOX chain stays
The front part of SPF KBOX chain stays were enlarged to join the BB i/o heavy & expensive cold forged yoke, it makes the BB area becomes much stiffer and substantial weight-saving.


Aerodynamic seat tube
SPF wheel hugging,flared seat tube markes the bike go faster.


Kinesis exclusive SPF ONE-PIECE fork.


Unimaginably lightweight. The sport and mountain bike of 1000 grams offers exciting speed! Fly with the wind. 1,000 grams. Take me to a thousand miles away!