Successful bicycle companies rate precision, consistency, volume and cost-efficiency the leading criteria for selecting a reliable manufacturing partner. The very same goals Kinesis worldwide strives to exceed every day.

Consider the Kinesis advantages which no other manufacturing facility can offer:

Constant innovation and product development leading to the creating of award winning products, manufacturing

and tube fabrication technologies. Kinesis is the first frame builder in the world to utilized liquid hydro-forming tubes into mass production. And after 3 years, Superplastic Forming Technique – now used by some of the world’s most respected bicycle brands.

Development of exclusive new materials like the K6 and Kinesium, and special heat-treatment methods not available anywhere else.  

We invented our own special fixture and heat treatment oven to minimize the deformation created from the water quench for 6061 aluminum.

Our highly-rated research and development team can and will assist in developing, implementing and improving on the customer’s products.

We design and build most of the manufacturing tooling in-house for speed and accuracy.

Strict quality control standards, including the utilization of EN testing equipment. Each product that goes out of our factory doors are EN tested.

In the highly unlikely event of quality issues, Kinesis has the best warranty terms and services, including post quality process of checking the cause and implementing steps to address and prevent similar occurrences. In addition we have product liability insurance for your extra peace of mind. We do not and will not leave any customer to fend for themselves, ever.

Committed to Constant Innovation

Superplastic Forming Technique
Even the world’s bicycle experts "recommend Kinesis SPF Tubes"

Other Kinesis Tubing Materials and Technology

Kinesium Tubing
Kinesium was developed by Kinesis engineers to raise the standard and lower the weight of our premium mtb and road frames. Twenty-five percent stronger than traditional 7005 series aluminum, a frame built with Kinesium tubing weighs 10% less than similar frames built from Kinesis Superlight.

Engineered for maximum lightness with no compromise in overall frame strength. Kinesis Superlight tubes deliver a total frame weight reduction of 362 grams compared to plain-gauge aluminum tubing when used on a 19-inch MTB chassis.


Designed and developed to be at par with elite aluminum tubing yet still remaining affordable. K7 tubings are lighter than traditional 7000 and 6000 series aluminum without sacrificing durability, toughness and stiffness. A standard 26” MTB frame made of K7 tubes can weigh around 1.4 kgs.