Frustrated at not being able to find a suitable frame?
A bike lover who believes the importance of the geometry of frame?
Bored with the standardized frames offered in the market? The customized frames of Kinesis are right for you.

The latest DAVINCI SYSTEM is able to calculate the most suitable frame geometry for you, which can also be modified according to personal habits and requirements.
There are multiple colors to choose from. With many years’ expertise, Kinesis is able to create a suitable and exclusive frame for you.

For standardized frames, the length of tubes and head tubes as well as the angles of frame are all pre-determined. The customized frames of Kinesis are completely hand-made in Taiwan. Every process, from tube cutting, molding adjustment to welding of tubes at particular angles, is carefully executed. The birth of each frame is unique. You don’t have to make the efforts searching for components of special specifications for your frame. Instead, you will own a frame that suits you. 



    Eight colors to make your own model

Watch that all of KRC-300 matches colors

Seatpost Ø 27.2mm
Seat tube Ø 31.8mm